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How are you 29 already? You look and act like you’re 6. I will ship some crayons and paper as a gift. Go draw fishes. 😂 Happy birthday, @leedonghae! 😘💙 #HappyDonghaeDay

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hello sinner circle 😏😏😏

Mojito 💅


#MyLovelyGirl marathon. Unexpectedly, Rain & Krystal have chemistry. Much kilig. 💗💗💗

Love knows no gender. 💗

this is why I stan Kris

i miss you, you dumb bish

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jfc kim woo bin bend me over 😍😍😍

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shit wu yifan says on exo’s showtime


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Kwon Jiyong. Dong Youngbae. Choi Seunghyun. Kang Daesung. Lee Seunghyun. VIP. 사랑먼지! 🎧

Awesome song. And the fan chant. God, the fanchant. 💛✨ And Taeyang’s lipbite. Fuck you huhu. 😍

Loving Love Dust. Osm song & fanchant. Big Bang. 💛